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Southwest style silver bracelet with yellow red and blue lamp work glass

Southwest style silver bracelet with yellow red and blue lamp work glass


"Southwest stylin"

My pieces often "create themselves" in that I find components that go well together and as I create the piece, it comes together not with intentionality so much as an organic flow. This bracelet ended up with a very much southwest style, at least to me. I paired beautiful artisan lamp work glass beads by June Hidde with a striking neon apatite focal piece and accented them with Czech glass, a faceted pearl, and silver plated metals. This bracelet is on the larger side and can fit up to a 7 3/4" wrist comfortably.

  • Care for your jewelry

    While I strive to use only the highest quality materials while keeping the pieces affordable to the every day admirer, your new jewelry should be treated as you would treat other costume jewelry. To maintain the luster of your fashion jewelry make sure to keep your jewelry clean and dry. Water can damage the plating on metals so remember to remove your jewelry before bathing, washing your hands (if a ring or bracelet) or enjoying the spa, pool, or playing in the surf. Chemical products like oil, perfume or any type of cream should not come in contact with your fashion jewelry. Just be sure that any hairspray, makeup, lotions or perfumes you've applied are fully dry or absorbed before putting on your jewelry. Remove your jewelry and securely store it before going to sleep. There is no need to use jewelry cleaner on your jewelry, just use a soft dry cloth to buff the shine back on. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further care questions.

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